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Product Marketing Manager

Oversee a team of Marketers to implement sales campaigns for a product.

What does a Product Marketing Manager do?

The Product Marketing Manager sails the rough seas of business in search of marketing gold. By overseeing a crew of Product Marketers, Graphic Designers, and Salespeople, the Product Marketing Manager builds policies that govern a company’s brand identity and ensure that each product or service lives up to that expected level of quality.

Running the marketing department involves a number of tasks. As a Product Marketing Manager, you must be flexible. Your duties revolve around various forms of research, analysis, and team communication.

Much of your day is devoted to research, whether you’re crunching numbers or passing the tasks on to Product Marketers. You want to evaluate customer satisfaction, identify target markets for a new product, and come up with the best sales strategies that fit with your brand. An old-fashioned company may focus on brick-and-mortar shops, while a cutting-edge technology firm will take its work online.

Product Marketers look to you for direction, and you look to the Product Marketing Director. The Director coordinates marketing and sales efforts between multiple departments, and can help you see the bigger picture. You break that bigger picture down into bite-size tasks and pass those along to the Marketers.

All of this work is done with one goal in mind: customer satisfaction. You chart a course for quality products and top-notch advertising to make sure your target audience knows your product exists and is happy with its performance.