Product Engineer

Design and develop products.

What does a Product Engineer do?

As a product engineer, you’re responsible for the design of a product and the product development cycle. The firm will then manufacture and sell the products. You start with research and develop ideas for the product. Next, a product engineer generates drawings and models, which typically require computer-aided design (CAD) software. You then select the most suitable material for the product and determine the best method for manufacturing. You make prototypes and test them, making changes if required. The product engineer also works out the cost of production and timelines to see if production is efficient. As part of the manufacturing phase, you could have to deal with contracts and oversee production and packaging. The product manager might need to get a patent for the final product.

As a product engineer, your role is to determine the process from conceptualization to production of a product. A degree in engineering is required, and a specialization in your field of production is an added benefit. A sound knowledge of CAD is needed, as are problem-solving skills. This job combines analytical skills with creativity.