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Product Development Engineer

Help companies market, advertise and improve their products.

What does a Product Development Engineer do?

Every product that hits store shelves must survive the design, development, research, trial-and-error, and adjustment stages. As a Product Development Engineer, you’re one of many players in the game of product development. In addition to the Scientists and Project Managers, you take part in every aspect of launching new products.

From formulating effective marketing and advertising campaigns to making sure the project stays within the predetermined budget, the Product Development Engineer gets your finger in every pie. You work as part of a team, and your common objectives are to save money and to meet company or client goals.

A career as a Product Development Engineer enables you to be able to work in just about any industry. For example, you might take part in developing new medical devices, work to create cleaner and more efficient energy-producing systems, improve dental floss, or monitor and tweak production lines. Wherever you arrive with your coffee each morning, one thing’s for sure: As a Product Development Engineer, your math, computer, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication muscles will be put to work.

The specifics of your job depend on the industry you specialize in, but you can count on using your skills to solve problems. That might be during the initial design phase, after a prototype hits your desk, or even following the first round of production. So whether you’re brainstorming a new idea, redesigning a manufacturing glitch, evaluating shipping policies, or scrutinizing the marketing plan, you influence the speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of getting that product to market.