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Product Assembler

Assemble metal products.

What does a Product Assembler do?

Assembles metal products, such as vacuum cleaners, valves, or hydraulic cylinders, partially or completely, working at bench or on shop floor: Positions parts according to knowledge of unit being assembled or following blueprints. Fastens parts together with bolts, screws, speed clips, rivets, or other fasteners, using handtools and portable powered tools. May remove small quantities of metal with hand files and scrapers to produce close fit between parts. May operate drill presses, punch presses, or riveting machines to assist in assembly operation. May disassemble power brake boosters, air-brake compressors, and valves for salvage of parts and be designated Disassembler, Product. May assemble and test patient lifting devices and be designated Assembler, Patient Lifting Device. Usually specializes in assembly of one type of product.