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Product Ambassador



Show off the benefits of your product in stores and shopping centers.

What does a Product Ambassador do?

One of the hottest jobs on the ever-changing commercial landscape is that of Product Ambassador. As a Product Ambassador, you go out into the world, armed with your knowledge about and enthusiasm for a specific product, and show people why they need it in their lives.

Product Ambassadors work in a variety of settings, and are constantly learning about new products and expanding your repertoire. One month, you could be hitting local malls to show people how to use a new type of handheld video camera, then the next, you might spend some time at car shows, demonstrating GPS systems. The types of products Product Ambassadors bring out into the world depend on the type of company they work for, but could also end up working for a number of different companies over the course of their career.

Your exemplary work ethic, sparkling personality, and ability to talk to total strangers with ease are your most valuable assets. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in a specific area (makeup, consumer electronics, etc.), as long as you have a good personality and a positive attitude, you can probably find someone willing to bring you on and give you your start.

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