Produce Manager

Keep produce fresh and plentiful in your grocery store.

What does a Produce Manager do?

The local supermarket is a food shopper’s playground. Rows of neatly organized bags, cans, and boxes line the shelves. As the shopper pushes their cart along the last aisle, those tall shelves open up to reveal an array of succulent, fresh fruits and vegetables. Pears, lettuce, peppers, squash-whatever your grocery list contains can be found in the produce department.

As a Produce Manager, you’re in charge of running it all. You manage your staff, interviewing, hiring, and training workers so they know how to properly handle and display produce. Through the efforts of the Produce Manager, one learns how to rotate stock so it stays fresh, and merchandise produce so it is easy to access. Produce Managers also evaluate your staff’s performance, and initiate promotions or layoffs as needed.

Apart from staffing tasks, you also manage the influx of goods to your department. This means you regularly consult with buyers, local Growers, and shipping vendors. You prepare next week’s ad, plan for an increase in lime sales during Cinco de Mayo, and have cranberries stocked for Thanksgiving. You also organize deliveries, check merchandise when it arrives, and schedule to have staff on hand so the produce can hit the display cases soon after arrival.

In addition to all of this, you offer customer service within the department. You have vast knowledge of growing regions worldwide, are familiar with the best ways to prepare items, and know what a serpent melon is, how to cut bok choy, and how long to cook carrots.