Procurement Clerk

Compile information and records to prepare purchase orders.

What does a Procurement Clerk do?

Compiles information and records to prepare purchase orders for procurement of material for industrial firm, governmental agency, or other establishment: Verifies nomenclature and specifications of purchase requests. Searches inventory records or warehouse to determine if material on hand is in sufficient quantity. Consults catalogs and interviews suppliers to obtain prices and specifications. Types or writes invitation-of-bid forms and mails forms to supplier firms or for public posting. Writes or types purchase order and sends copy to supplier and department originating request. Compiles records of items purchased or transferred between departments, prices, deliveries, and inventories. Computes total cost of items purchased, using calculator. Confers with suppliers concerning late deliveries. May compare prices, specifications, and delivery dates and award contract to bidders or place orders with suppliers or mail order firms. May verify bills from suppliers with bids and purchase orders and approve bills for payment. May classify priority regulations.