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Tend processing section of machines that extrude synthetic fiber filaments.

What does a Processor do?

Tends processing section of machine that extrudes synthetic fiber filaments: Threads continuous filaments through guides and around rollers that carry product through machine, apply washing and bleaching solutions, and dry filaments prior to winding, twisting, or cutting into staple lengths. Observes gauges and moves controls to start and regulate flow of washing and bleaching solutions, applied to moving filament through openings in rollers, and to maintain temperature of drying rollers according to plant standards. Repairs breaks in filaments by tying ends together. In nylon plants, may set temperature of rolls that heat and stretch filaments to impart strength and fuse filaments into tow. May doff bobbins of yarn at end of windup cycle and reset clock device that regulates speed of filament travel according to diameter of bobbin.