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Processing Inspector

Inspect aircraft and space vehicle parts, assemblies, and materials.

What does a Processing Inspector do?

Inspects aircraft and space vehicle parts, assemblies, and materials for results or effects of manufacturing processes or operations, such as anodizing, painting, etching, passivating, sandblasting, and chemical milling, for conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments and equipment: Examines surfaces of processed parts, assemblies, and materials for uniformity of finish, color, and area covered, and to detect defects, such as corrosion, blistering, pinholes, and dents. Measures dimensions of parts, assemblies, and materials before, during, and after processing cycles for conformance to blueprints, engineering data, shop orders, and other specifications, using precision measuring instruments, such as micrometers and gauges, and equipment. Verifies that temperature ranges and density of processing mixtures and solutions adhere to specifications. Approves or rejects parts, assemblies, and materials, and prepares documentation indicating reason for rejection, rework required, and disposition of parts. May inspect parts and materials for soundness, hardness [HARDNESS INSPECTOR 504.387-010], and for effects of heat-treating [HEAT-TREAT INSPECTOR 504.281-010], using testing equipment.