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Process Safety Engineer

Understand government safety rules and make sure they are followed.

What does a Process Safety Engineer do?

When it comes to using and storing dangerous chemicals, a mere promise that your company will be careful is not enough. You must be able to document and prove that you’re following the rules. This is your main job as a Process Safety Engineer.

Process Safety Engineers must be intimately familiar with the rules and regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These rules serve as a sort of handbook for your work. Process Safety Engineers look closely at how your company stores and processes chemicals, and make sure you comply with the regulations.

You may be required to document your compliance. If your company is audited, you take Inspectors on tours of the facility, and produce your documentation for their perusal.

If a new process is introduced in the company, a new item is built, or a new method of refining a chemical is used, you use computers to simulate each step of the process and make sure that no hazardous chemicals are released.

On top of all this, you train employees at your company about safety. You may be required to provide training to large groups as well as writing materials to be included in employee handbooks. You need significant writing skills because you must find a way to instill in the minds of employees the absolute need for safety, while making it seem achievable and fun at the same time.