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Process Inspector

Inspect rocket motors, cases, and fuel mixtures.

What does a Process Inspector do?

Inspects rocket motors, cases, and fuel mixtures for conformance with specifications and verifies standard work procedures and process conditions involved in loading rocket-motor cases with fuel: Weighs and records weights of fuel mixtures and ingredients on inspection reports. Observes fuel mixing, case preparation, and lining activities for conformity to specified procedures and records variations on inspection report. Observes and records weight of lined cases. Examines linings for voids, pockmarks, and other defects. Observes charts, meters, and gauges on casting-control console to verify conformity of process conditions to specifications and records readings. Correlates gauge readings to estimate flow of fuel pumped into motor case. Observes meters and charts on curing-control panel to verify specified process conditions in curing oven. Examines cured rocket motors for defects, such as voids in propellant, presence of foreign bodies, and paint defects on motor case.