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Process Development Scientist

Plan efficient and economical ways to manufacture products.

What does a Process Development Scientist do?

Do you look at a system and think, “I want to make that run better”? If you do, then a job as a Process Development Scientist could be right for you. As a Process Development Scientist, you devise new methods for manufacturing things on a large scale. From medicine to fuels and everything in between, you put your mind to work figuring out the most efficient, cost-effective ways to help your company meet the demand for its products.

Every process development cycle starts with a target phenomenon: a specific outcome that the process needs to result in. That’s your starting point. You experiment with that process to find the best conditions to produce it, then work with other professionals in your team to design a system that will make those conditions a reality. Expect to interact with researchers, utilities-managers, and finally, manufacturing-personnel to make it all happen.

As a Process Development Scientist, you are the mastermind. You need the science skills to run experiments and deal with data, and the creativity to think outside the box and look for the next breakthrough.

You work in a lab, often with a team of other Scientists. Your communication skills are vital because you need to share your vision with your teammates and everyone else involved in enacting what you’ve discovered. This is applied science at its best.