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Process Checker

Inspect and test small arms ammunitions.

What does a Process Checker do?

Inspects and tests small arms ammunition to verify conformance with variety of qualitative specifications: Collects quantity of cartridges or shotgun shells as they emerge from loading and assembling machines. Tests crimping of case around bullet, using bench device that registers force required to withdraw bullet from case. Cuts open shotgun shells to verify correct placement of wads, shot, and powder. Weighs powder from several individual shells on balance scale and computes average weight. Weighs shot pellet load from individual shell on shadowgraph scale and counts number of pellets in load, using pellet-counting device, and computes number of pellets per ounce; estimates average pellet size, using graduated device. Reports patterns in ammunition defects that indicate loading or assembly machine malfunctions or maladjustments to machine adjuster or supervisor. Records test results in tabular, graphic, or narrative form for quality control purposes.