Probate Lawyer

Help clients create and execute wills.

What does a Probate Lawyer do?

As a Probate Lawyer, you help individuals draw up wills, and fill out all the necessary paperwork to ensure that property and money are divided up according to their wishes, not through some random disbursement by a Judge. Your guidance helps individuals and families avoid legal missteps that could turn a simple execution of a will into a convoluted legal circus that takes months to resolve.

When an individual passes away, her assets – personal items and money – are divided between family members or other beneficiaries named in her will. A probate court examines the deceased’s estate, and decides how to pay off any debts or taxes she owes before divvying up the rest of the items.

As a Probate Lawyer, you help individuals get their paperwork completed and filed so the will is executed according to plan. Your legal know-how ensures that the family dog Fido receives his lifetime supply of doggy biscuits and Aunt Emma receives her allotted share of the cash, not the other way around.

Probate Lawyers also oversee end-of-life paperwork such as medical power of Attorney forms. Documents like this allow an individual to decide who has the authority to accept or deny certain medical treatments on his behalf. Though making these decisions is never easy, a little preparation ensures that families can mourn their loved one in peace, not while fighting legal battles over misfiled paperwork.