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Printing Roller Polisher

Operate polishing lathes to reduce circumference of printing rollers.

What does a Printing Roller Polisher do?

Operates polishing lathe to reduce circumference of printing rollers to specifications and remove defects, such as turning and polishing lines, high spots, and scratches: Mounts roller on mandrel of lathe, using hoist. Measures circumference of roller at several points to locate irregular spots, using girth tape. Examines surface of roller for defects. Depresses pedal to raise water vat and starts lathe to rotate roller in vat. Polishes roller by either of following methods: Moves polishing stone back and forth across length of roller, changing from coarse to finer grades of stone to impart acceptably smooth finish. Mounts flat stone on spindle of polishing head, starts oscillation of stone, and lowers stone onto surface of rotating roller. Moves lever to engage gear that moves machine head back and forth over surface of roller. Changes stones on machine head to impart final polish. Examines polished rollers for rough spots, pinholes, and scratches. Rubs scratches and rough spots with burnishing tool to finish roller. Verifies circumference of polished roller, using girth tape. Cleans roller before and after polishing, using cloth, water, and detergents or cleaning solution.