Printing Gray-Cloth Tender

Feed back gray cloths into cloth printing machine.

What does a Printing Gray-Cloth Tender do?

Feeds back gray cloth into cloth printing machine, and removes printed cloth from delivery end of machine: Trucks rolls of back gray cloth to printing machine, removes burlap wrapping, and sews end of cloth to preceding roll, using sewing machine. Starts feeding rollers that unwind back gray cloth into scray. Positions handtruck beneath swing-folding attachment and scans cloth for printing flaws as cloth is folded into truck. Notifies CLOTH PRINTER 652.382-010 as flaws occur. Marks lot number on end of each truck of cloth, ravels connecting seam, and replaces full truck with empty truck. Tears sample from each lot of cloth. Assists PRINTING-ROLLER HANDLER 652.385-010 or BACK TENDER, CLOTH PRINTING 652.685-010 in removing and replacing color boxes, doctors, printing rollers, and gears when changing pattern, and in mounting feedrolls of cloth on printing machine. May truck soiled cloth to BACK-GRAY-CLOTH WASHER 582.685-030.