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Printing Estimator

Estimate labor and material costs of printing and binding printed matters.

What does a Printing Estimator do?

Estimates labor and material costs of printing and binding books, pamphlets, periodicals, and other printed matter, based on specifications outlined on sales order or submitted by prospective customer: Examines specifications, sketches, and sample layouts, and calculates unit and production costs, using labor and material pricing schedules, and considering factors such as size and number of sheets or pages, paper stock requirements, binding operations, halftones, number and units of colors, and quality of finished product, to determine cost effective and competitive price. Confers with department heads or production personnel to develop or confirm information regarding various cost elements. May estimate cost of mailing finished printed matter if specified on order. May estimate labor and material cost of specific phase of printing, such as plate making or binding, and be designated according to specialty as Estimator, Printing-Plate-Making or Estimator, Binding.