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Reproduce and assemble graphic arts materials.

What does a Printer do?

Reproduces and assembles graphic arts materials, performing any combination of following duties in small printing shop or printing department of establishment: Sets up and operates various types of cameras to produce plastic or paper plates, or negatives for later use in preparation of aluminum plates for reproduction in offset lithographic process. Touches up negatives, using opaque material, positions negatives on masking sheet, and cuts exposure windows in masking sheet to assemble film flats for reproduction. Places masked negative on aluminum plate, and exposes plate to negative under high intensity lamp to transfer image to plate, using vacuum frame. Places exposed plate in automatic processor or immerses plate in chemical solutions to develop image on plate. Operates offset-duplicating machine or small printing press to reproduce single or multicolor copies of line, drawings, graphs, or similar materials. Inspects printed material to verify specified color and clarity of print. Sets up and operates bindery equipment to cut, assemble, staple, or bind materials. Maintains machinery and equipment in operating condition.