Printer Slotter Helper

Feed paperboard blanks into machine that slot them for forming into boxes.

What does a Printer Slotter Helper do?

Feeds precut paperboard blanks or sheets into machine that prints, scores, perforates, and slots them for forming into boxes: Loads precut blanks into automatic machine feeder, or positions stacks of paperboard sheets against guides on feed table and inserts each sheet into machine feed rollers. Adjusts scoring, perforating, and slotting disks or knives in machine as directed by PRINTER-SLOTTER OPERATOR 659.662-010, using wrench and tape measure. Fills ink reservoirs with ink of specified color. May off bear machine and stack processed blanks or sheets for further processing. May assist operator of machine equipped with gluing and folding attachment and be designated Flexo-Folder-Gluer-Machine Helper.