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Printed Products Assembler

Assemble printed products.

What does a Printed Products Assembler do?

Assembles printed products, such as cards, programs, menus, wedding and business invitations, and calendars, performing any combination of following tasks: Assembles and folds printed sheets or cards into various shapes or designs. Attaches seals, lace, sachet bags, ribbon, or other paper or metallic inserts on specified products, using glue, plastic tape, or staples. Applies glue to folded edges of product with brush. Glues and inserts sheets on specified products by machine. Examines finished products for defects. May trim products to specified size, using trimming machine. May insert envelope into fold of card. May box and wrap cards and other products. May be classified according to products assembled and be classified Assembler, Cards and Announcements. May be classified according to method of assembly and be designated Hand Worker.