Printed Circuit Layout Taper

Place adhesive symbols and precision tapes on sheets of mylar.

What does a Printed Circuit Layout Taper do?

Places adhesive symbols and precision tape on sheets of mylar in conformance with preliminary drawing of printed circuit board to produce master layout: Places, aligns, and secures preliminary drawing of PCB and successive layers of transparent sheets of mylar on lighted drafting table, using register bar. Selects specified symbols and width of tape to indicate peak voltage potential. Cuts tape and places tape and adhesive symbols on specified sheets of mylar to outline board size, to indicate connector pads, placement of various components, and to trace circuitry of PCB as indicated on underlying preliminary drawing, using utility knife, precision grid, and straightedge. Places specified adhesive identification and reference numbers on master layout. Reproduces blueprint copy of master layout, using print machine. Inspects copy to verify accuracy.