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Printed Circuit Boards Plasma Etcher

Tend plasma equipment that dry etch unprotected copper.

What does a Printed Circuit Boards Plasma Etcher do?

Tends plasma equipment that dry etches unprotected copper from substrate boards or panels to form circuit patterns on printed circuit boards: Hangs boards or panels on racks in plasma tank and locks door. Adjusts controls, according to process specifications, to set time, wattage, and percentage of oxygen and nitrogen gases in plasma tank. Pushes button to activate equipment that automatically plasma-etches excess copper from boards or panels to form circuit pattern. Removes boards or panels after processing and inspects boards for completeness of etching process, using microscope. May tend computer-controlled plasma etch equipment that automatically computes and adjusts control settings for time, wattage, and gas content based on data entered, such as quantity of boards and lot number.