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Printed Circuit Boards Pinner

Tend machines that drill pinning holes and insert metal pins.

What does a Printed Circuit Boards Pinner do?

Tends machine that drills pinning holes and inserts metal pins into sets of copper laminated fiberglass boards and backing material preparatory to fabrication of printed circuit boards: Fills pinning machine hopper with metal pins. Reads work orders to determine specified PCB’s. Positions PCB’s on bed of machine. Turns machine levers and handwheels to adjust, align, and hold PCB’s for drilling and pinning. Activates machine that drills pinning holes and inserts pins into PCB’s to stabilize PCB’s during numerical-controlled drilling of component mounting holes. Stacks pinned PCB’s for transfer to next work station. May assemble sets of fiberglass PCB’s and backing material prior to pinning operation.