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Printed Circuit Boards Inspector

Perform tasks to inspect and repair printed circuit boards.

What does a Printed Circuit Boards Inspector do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to inspect and repair printed circuit boards: Inserts plug gauges into drilled holes of PCB panels to verify conformance to specified dimensions. Measures thickness and dimensions of plating on PCB panels to verify that plating meets specifications, using micrometers, dial indicators, calipers, rulers, eye loupes, and electronic measuring devices. Examines PCB circuitry to detect defects, such as shorts, breaks, excess or missing solder, scratches, cracks, and incorrect layout, using light table, eye loupe, magnifier, or microscope. Brushes solder mask ink on PCB’s to repair defects in screen printing. Scrapes excess plating, or solder mask ink from PCB’s, using utility knife. Repairs broken circuitry, using soldering iron or circuit bonding equipment. Records type and quantity of defective PCB’s. Tests adherence of solder mask ink to PCB’s, using tape. Tests continuity of PCB circuits, using bare board tester. May inspect inner layers of multilayer PCB’s to verify that internal alignment and location of drilled holes meet specifications and be designated X-Ray Technician, Printed Circuit Boards.