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Printed Circuit Boards Coating Equipment Operator

Tend automated equipment that apply photosensitive coating of masking ink.

What does a Printed Circuit Boards Coating Equipment Operator do?

Tends automated equipment that applies photosensitive coating of masking ink to printed circuit board panels to facilitate development of circuit design on boards in fabrication of PCB’s: Pushes buttons and switches to start heater, conveyor, and coating equipment. Measures conveyor travel time of sample panel, using stopwatch, and weighs sample panel, using digital scale, to ensure that specifications are met. Turns dials to adjust conveyor speed and to add or delete masking ink in solution, as needed. Feeds panels onto conveyor of automated equipment that cleans, heats, and applies masking ink to panels. Removes panels from unloading rack upon completion of coating process and dries panels in oven. Records production data.