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Printed Circuit Board Reworker

Repair defective surfaces and circuitry on printed circuit boards.

What does a Printed Circuit Board Reworker do?

Repairs defective surfaces and circuitry on printed circuit boards, using power and handtools, utilizing knowledge of electronic repair techniques: Reads work orders to determine number of PCB’s to be repaired, type of repairs required, and method and tools to be used in reworking. Positions PCB’s under microscope to examine circuitry. Cuts and removes defective wires, using knife, and positions replacement wire on circuit, using magnetic tweezers. Repairs defective circuitry, using handtools and soldering or welding equipment. Repairs board surface faults, such as excess solder on board or gold plating on connectors, using handtools, and washes solder or liquid gold over specified areas to restore board surfaces. Cleans repaired boards with solvent, using brush and rags. Inspects boards to determine that repairs meet specifications. Removes and stacks repaired boards on racks for movement to next work station. Places PCB’s in industrial oven to cure solder mask. May prepare production reports.