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Printed Circuit Board Photoresist Laminator

Tend machines that laminate dry photoresist films to surfaces of panels.

What does a Printed Circuit Board Photoresist Laminator do?

Tends machine that laminates dry photoresist film to surfaces of panels used in manufacturing printed circuit boards: Mounts rolls of photoresist film and plastic protective film on machine spindles. Threads film through machine rollers and secures film to takeup spindles. Presses button to activate machine. Adjusts controls to regulate speed, temperature, and pressure of laminating rollers. Moves levers and adjusts controls to align panels with edge of film. Feeds panels into roller, or positions panels on conveyor that feeds panels into laminating machine. Observes lamination process, monitors speed and temperature gauges, and adjusts controls to ensure compliance with standards. Removes laminated panels from machine. Cuts excess photoresist and protective plastic film from panel edges, using knife. May tend machine that scrubs, cleans, and dries PCB panels prior to laminating process [SCRUBBER MACHINE TENDER 599.685-134]. May examine laminated panels for defects.