Printed Circuit Board Panels Plater

Electroplate printed circuit board panels with metals to resist corrosion.

What does a Printed Circuit Board Panels Plater do?

Electroplates printed circuit board panels with metals, such as copper, tin, gold, nickel, or solder, to resist corrosion, improve electrical conductivity, and facilitate solder connections: Dips panels in cleaning solutions or wipes panels with cloth to clean panels. Clamps panels or rack of panels to overhead bar above tanks to complete electrolytic current. Immerses panels in plating solution. Sets timer for specified plating time and turns on electrical current. Observes meter and turns dial to maintain specified current in plating solution. Removes plated panels and immerses panels in rinsing tank. Examines plated panels for defects. May test thickness of plating, using gauge or test equipment. May tape areas to be excluded from plating, using tape machine. May trim excess material from PCB panels, using shearing machine. May calculate amperage setting, following specified formula. May be designated according to plating material used as Gold Plater; Nickel Plater.