Printed Circuit Board Panels Electroless Plater

Tend electroless plating equipment that immerse panels into chemical tanks.

What does a Printed Circuit Board Panels Electroless Plater do?

Tends electroless plating equipment that immerses printed circuit board panels into series of chemical tanks to clean, rinse, and deposit metal plating on panels to improve electrical conductivity and facilitate solder connections in production of PCB’s: Turns valves to fill tanks with solutions to specified levels. Loads panels onto dipping racks and attaches racks to bar, hoist, overhead crane, or holding fixture. Sets timer for deposition cycle. Keys data into computer keyboard, presses buttons or pulls levers to activate equipment that moves racks of panels through tanks, or lowers racks into tanks manually. Observes gauges and adjusts valves on tanks to maintain required temperature. Removes PCB upon completion of deposition cycle. May compute length of deposition cycle, using calculator. May add chemicals to tanks. May be designated according to type of coating applied as Copper Deposition Operator.