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Printed Circuit Board Panels Developer

Tend equipment that develop photoresist images on panels.

What does a Printed Circuit Board Panels Developer do?

Tends equipment that develops photoresist image on panels of printed circuit boards: Mixes specified amount of chemical solution and pours chemicals into equipment developing tank. Turns valves to admit specified amount of water into equipment reservoirs. Starts equipment and monitors conveyor systems, temperature gauges, and pumps. Adjusts controls to maintain specified temperature levels and speed of conveyor. Removes plastic protective film from upper and lower surfaces of photoresist laminated PCB panels. Places panels on conveyor that feeds panels into equipment that automatically develops photoresist circuit image on exposed photoresist film, dissolves unexposed photoresist film, and rinses and dries panels. Removes panels from conveyor and visually examines panels to detect development processing defects. Notifies supervisor of defective panels and equipment malfunctions.