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Printed Circuit Board Assembly Repairer

Perform tasks to repair defective printed circuit board assemblies.

What does a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Repairer do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to repair defective printed circuit board assemblies, using soldering and desoldering equipment: Examines PCB’s under magnifying lamp and reads inspection tags to locate defects, such as insufficient or excess solder and missing or defective components and parts. Solders or resolders missed or defective connections, joints, wiring, and terminals found to be defective or missing after original soldering process. Removes excess solder from connections and clears solder from component holes, using desoldering equipment. Repositions misaligned components, such as resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits, and removes and replaces damaged or missing components. Trims long leads, replaces eyelets and rivets, and repairs damaged substrate, using handtools and power tools. Modifies PCB’s following shop instructions, using handtools and soldering equipment. Tests soldered connections on PCB’s to detect open circuits or shorts, using continuity tester.