Printed Circuit Board Assembly Group Leader

Assist Printed Circuit Board Assembly Supervisors.

What does a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Group Leader do?

Assists SUPERVISOR, PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY 762.134-010, in coordinating activities of workers engaged in assembling printed circuit boards, applying knowledge of PCB assembly techniques, specifications, and production scheduling: Confers with SUPERVISOR, PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY, and reviews production schedules, specifications, and priorities to plan department work assignments. Requisitions, obtains, and distributes supplies and materials, such as PCB’s, electronic components and parts, solder and flux, antistatic bags and wristbands, and schematic drawings and work orders. Assigns duties to assembly workers and oversees department activities. Revises work assignments to meet production schedules and contract priorities. Explains and demonstrates PCB assembly line procedures and techniques to workers. Interprets schematic drawings, specifications, and work orders for workers. Assists workers in resolving technical problems and advises SUPERVISOR, PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY of complex production problems. Reads, prepares, collects, and maintains reports, such as individual and department production reports, employee time and attendance records, and component waste reports. Substitutes for absent workers or assists workers to alleviate work overload situations. May assemble sample PCB’s, using schematic drawings, handtools, and soldering equipment, to use as work aids. May preform lead wires for electronic components, using forming machines or handtools, and supply preformed parts to assemblers.