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Print Production Manager

Ensure the smooth flow of print projects.

What does a Print Production Manager do?

The position of Print Production Manager places you in charge of everything that goes into print within a company. Print Production Managers work with Graphic Designers, Artists, and advertising teams to create brochures, direct mailings, and print ads.

The first step of the process is to review sketches and consult with the Artist so that you can best represent his or her idea. As a Print Production Manager, you consider size, color, and shape and formulate a clear picture of the final product. This is important so that you can relay the information to the subsequent stages in the process. With this data, you suggest a production plan that covers everything from paper type to timelines.

Often, a deadline will set the timeline for you. For example, if your company is running an ad for a Labor Day sale, the newspaper will not hold the presses if your ad is late. If you fail to complete it before the deadline, your ad won’t run. To guarantee this doesn’t happen, you keep on top of the project at every stage. You submit requests for bids, hire the Printer, frequently check on the status, and ensure the product is ready on time.

When you receive the printed materials, you review every “i” and “t”, checking for perfection. This includes making sure the product is the right color, shape, and size, and that there are no typos. Once you approve the product, you supervise its delivery and evaluate and approve the invoices for the vendor.