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Supervise and facilitate school or college operations.

Salary Range

$140,000 - $210,000

What does a Principal do?

A principal manages data, people, and processes of an educational institution. Your duties include establishing and implementing academic goals, curriculum, and allocating financial resources. A principal needs to attend outside-of-school activities, oversee disciplinary activities, and meet parents.

Principals supervise directly and indirectly with school or college personnel. You ensure that the educational program is compatible with the financial, legal, and organizational structure of the institution. A principal establishes formal work relationships with staff members and sets the organization’s annual objectives for the extracurricular, instructional, and athletic programs.

You orient and assist new students and staff and give them an opportunity to voice their suggestions and feedback to improve the educational program. You manage, direct, and maintain records of the supplies, materials, and equipment that are necessary to carry out the daily routine of the school or the college you lead.

A doctoral or master’s degree in an education-related field is required to become a principal. You need strong leadership, decision-making, communication, time management, and interpersonal skills.

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