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Primer Expeditor and Drier

Tend vacuum tanks that dry priming mixture.

What does a Primer Expeditor and Drier do?

Tends vacuum tank that dries priming mixture, and dries and stores loaded cartridge primers and primed rim-fire cartridge cases: Transfers trays or boards filled with explosive primers or cases from loading room to steam-heated dryhouse, using shockproof cart. Places filled trays in numbered racks or bins. Reads gauges and turns valves to control temperature in dryhouse. Collects primers and cases from storage to fill requisitions and keeps perpetual inventory. Loads primers on screen trays of vacuum tank and starts vacuum pump, steam heat, and fans that force-dry priming mixture when requisitions do not permit sufficient time for air drying. May deliver primers and cases to production departments and record date, lot number, and grade.