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Primer Charging Tool Setter

Set up charging, varnishing, foiling, and shaker machines.

What does a Primer Charging Tool Setter do?

Sets up charging, varnishing, foiling, and shaker machines, and assembly presses, used in charging and assembling primers for small arms ammunition: Removes, replaces, and adjusts such tools as punches, punch blocks, pins, dies, and die blocks, using handtools. Peens die mouths in foiling die block and reams die hole with hand reamer to sharpen edges, operates bench grinder to grind punches and dies for fitting into blocks, hammers charging and shaker plates on straightening plate to straighten them, and rotates bent punch in drill press to determine high spot and taps with metal block to straighten punch. Examines trays of primers for scratches, dents, and lack of anvil or foiling paper. Measures depth of priming mixture, tamping, and anvil in primer, or primer seating in battery cup, using fixed gauges. Turns setscrews to adjust punch or pin block height. May be limited to primer assembly presses only.