Pretzel Cooker

Tend ovens that automatically cook, salt, bake, and dry pretzels.

What does a Pretzel Cooker do?

Tends oven that automatically cooks, salts, bakes, and dries pretzels: Lights oven and sets thermostats of cooker, oven, and kiln at specified temperature. Dumps specified amount of salt, soda, and water into hoppers of oven. Turns valve to sprinkle salt and to allow soda solution to drain continuously into cooking pit of oven. Observes progress of uncooked pretzels moving on conveyor into oven, and straightens pretzels, using wire hooked rod. Tastes baked pretzels, observes their color, and adjusts speed of conveyor or temperature of cooker, oven, and kiln to ensure pretzels conform to color and taste standards. May place unbaked pretzels on oven conveyor by inverting boards loaded with pretzels.