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Prestressed Concrete Laborer

Perform duties involved in preparing forms and pouring concrete.

What does a Prestressed Concrete Laborer do?

Performs any combination of following duties involved in preparing forms and pouring concrete to make prestressed structural beams: Cleans forms, using hammer, scraper, and brush, and sprays form with oil to prevent adhesion of concrete. Places reinforcing steel cage in form, using power winch. Pushes stressing cables through form, threads ends through guide holes in end plates, and clamps end of cables to plate. Tightens nuts at base of form with power wrench, and inserts spacer bars and locking pins at intervals along top of form to maintain specified dimensions of form. Clamps vibrators in holders on sides of forms. Lays planks on protruding ends of spacer bars to make elevated walkway on both sides of form. Lifts four-wheeled pouring buggy into position on walkway, using winch. Lifts belt conveyor into position between pouring buggy and ready-mix truck with winch and bolts it to truck, using power wrench. Starts conveyor and vibrators. Shovels sample of concrete into canisters and tests consistency of concrete, using cone-shaped mold and trowel. Pushes pouring buggy along walkway to follow ready-mix truck. Settles concrete at top of form with hand vibrator, and fills low spots with concrete taken from conveyor. Removes forms from cured beams, using handtools, and cuts protruding end of stressing cable, using oxyacetylene torch. Lifts beam, using four-wheeled portable hoist, and moves hoist to yarding area by hand or with truck. May prepare forms and cast concrete lintels.