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Pressure Controller

Control volume of gas in city distribution mains.

What does a Pressure Controller do?

Controls volume of gas in city distribution mains to ensure adequate gas supply according to consumer demand: Determines required governor adjustments to maintain specified gas pressure and volume according to consumer-demand estimates, based on weather conditions and time of day or night, or receives governor adjustment instructions from PRESSURE SUPERVISOR. Changes position or number of weights on balance lever or turns valves to adjust governors located at various regulating stations within city. Operates switchboard to adjust governors which are remotely controlled by electric telemetering equipment. May overhaul gas governors [GAS-REGULATOR REPAIRER]. May change charts in recording meters [CHART CHANGER]. May clean pits housing governors, using suction pump and shovel. May determine causes of abnormal pressure variances and make corrective recommendations, such as installation of pipe to relieve overloading.