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Pressroom Manager

Manages the operation and process of a printing press to get the news out.

What does a Pressroom Manager do?

A Pressroom Manager oversees the operations of a pressroom, managing the printing process and the workers who make it happen. Pressroom Managers primarily supervise the work of the Press Operators who prepare, maintain, control, and operate the printing press equipment.

Pressroom Managers often start at the pressroom as Operators. This path provides you with an understanding of the work that goes into the job and what should be expected of your employees. Possessing firsthand knowledge of how to operate the machinery is also beneficial when your employees need training.

Another portion of your job is project planning, where you determine the projects your printing firm will take on, how long they will take, who will work on the projects, and how much they will cost to complete. Needless to say, project management skills are crucial to accomplishing this task.

Quality control is another aspect of this position. Small printing operations may lack a designated Quality Assurance Manager to oversee this aspect, so the responsibility falls on you. In this role, you ensure that the product you and your employees are creating is up to the standards of both your company and your customer. Every product that leaves your production line reflects upon your leadership.

And speaking of leadership, arguably the biggest part of your job is the ability to lead. There’s a reason the owners and any upper management involved chose you to manage the floor operations. You have the ability to relate to others and manage human resource issues.