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Press Tender

Tend battery of presses that mix ingredients and knead and extrude dough.

What does a Press Tender do?

Tends battery of presses that automatically mix ingredients, and knead and extrude dough for use in making macaroni products: Installs specified dies in presses, using handtools. Sets automatic weighing device. Opens valves to admit prescribed ingredients into mixing unit and turns dials that control rate of flow of material through processing units. Starts machines that trim and rack extruded strands of long goods over drying sticks and convey them into preliminary drying chamber, or extrude short goods onto conveyor chutes leading to series of driers. Observes presses in operation to ensure progressive movement of mixture. Regulates speed of press to control product quantity. Observes color of dough and feels its consistency to determine, from knowledge and experience, if product conforms to standard. May be designated according to type press product as Press Tender, Long Goods; Press Tender, Short Goods.