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Press Secretary

Present Politicians in a positive light.

What does a Press Secretary do?

Press Secretaries don’t stop the presses; they start them! Serving as the main go-to public relations person for government officials or organizations, a Press Secretary is focused on keeping the media pumping out a positive image for his or her clients.

Anyone who gets his 15 minutes of fame needs a Publicist to deal with the ever-persistent hounding of the media and the public. This triples for anyone stepping into a political role. Mayors, Senators, even the President Of The United States all need a Press Secretary to satiate the public’s hunger for more info.

How do you make your clients look good? Your clients do that themselves. Each Politician decides what laws to vote for and which causes to support; your role is to provide accurate information to the media on your candidate’s values and why he feels that way.

To set the record straight, you write and edit news releases, hold press conferences, and answer questions from Reporters. You know your candidate almost better than he knows himself. You have to. Otherwise, you’d drop the ball when unexpectedly asked a tough question.

In the end, you can think of yourself as a shield between your client and the general population. You strive to provide accurate, timely information and quash false rumors that always pop up even on the most saint-like people. Image makes or breaks a Politician, and you make sure to cast your clients in a positive light.