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Press Operator

Stamp rubber into tires, emblems onto stationary, or logos onto metal.

What does a Press Operator do?

The title “Press Operator” covers a lot of ground. A Press Operator could work with metal, plastic, or rubber, using large presses that are capable of extreme amounts of force to flatten, stamp, or emboss products. For example, if you’re a Press Operator, you might use a press to stamp a plastic company’s emblem into the sheets it sells to construction crews. Or you might press treads into a strip of tire rubber.

These types of positions are pretty straightforward, just like any other technician or operator role. They call for you to spend your shifts making sure the press stays on track and consistently produces quality work. You start each job by finding out what the client wants, so you need the ability to read blueprints. Once you’ve figured out the shape, size, color, and direction of the print, you get to work.

Though a press can be a complex piece of equipment, you start with basic tools like clamps, rulers, and wrenches. You use the ruler to measure out the length of the material needed, and the clamps to hold it in place and give the press a smooth place to stamp. You need the wrench to tighten everything up and ensure the material is taut, again to give the press a smooth place to work.

When not setting up, you perform periodic basic maintenance (oiling parts and replacing belts) to make sure everything works as it should. You also keep your station clean.