Press Machine Operator

Adhere felt to the bottom of flooring to help it watertight.

What does a Press Machine Operator do?

Felt has been used in flooring products for years. It helps cut down noise and provides a seal so moisture doesn’t seep through the floor. Some manufacturers find it so beneficial that they add it to the bottom of many of the flooring materials they make. The job of a Press Machine Operator is to add felt to the bottom of those materials.

As a Press Machine Operator, you have a large, hot machine to work with. Before you begin your shift, you inspect the machine and make sure it’s working properly. You also see to it that the parts are well oiled and the steam jets are flowing freely. You may be required to document your inspection so your boss can see that the company’s safety rules are being followed to the letter.

You load a large roll of felt onto the machine, making sure it’s straight. Then you put and properly align flooring material on top of the felt. You turn the machine on and begin to fuse the products together with steam.

To ensure that it’s well bonded, you inspect the finished product. If it’s not, you adjust the temperature of the steam or the speed with which the flooring moves through the machine, and discard any sheets that aren’t up to your high standards.

During your workday as a Press Machine Operator, your perfectionist nature may fight with your pragmatic side. On the one hand, you want each piece of flooring you create to be perfect. But discarding sheet after sheet of flooring is bad for business. So you try to resolve these conflicts without talking out loud to yourself.