Press Agent

Help celebrities get good media exposure.

What does a Press Agent do?

As trusted assistants to celebrities, Press Agents create the carefully polished reputations that the media see when interviewing an Actress or reading a press release on an Author ‘s new self-help guide. Anyone who receives even a small taste of the spotlight needs a Press Agent to make sure that light shows his good side.

As a Press Agent, you push for the truth harder than any Journalist. Building your client up only works if her heroic deeds really exist. It’s not about pulling the wool over the public’s eyes, but rather about showing them who your client really is, not who the newspapers or blogs might make him out to be.

Even the best Politicians and Actors may freeze up during an impromptu speech or interview. That’s why you help fill in the gaps, and arrange interviews and TV appearances so your client knows what to expect. Courtrooms require both parties to have their say, but the media doesn’t always offer such courtesy. If a misunderstanding occurs, it’s up to you to step in and make sure that your client has the opportunity to lay out the facts.

Most of your days are spent not on saving your client’s reputation, but catching the media’s attention. Press releases, event announcements, and interview bookings fill your to-do list. From the Doctor promoting her nonfiction book to the Athlete who’s donated a huge chunk of his profits to charity, you’re the key to raking in some well-deserved publicity.