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Preschool Teacher

Prepare children for kindergartenHelp children develop foundational academic and social skills.

What does a Preschool Teacher do?

Preschool teachers teach and care for children between the ages of three and five years. You teach lessons through songs, speech, and language and help the students identify letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. A preschool teacher fine-tunes social skills and gross motor skills. You track and record the children’s progress and send reports to the parents.

A preschool teacher takes care of young children and makes sure they play, have fun, rest, and learn. You need to be patient with children who misbehave and are emotional, loud, or irrational.

Your creativity captures the students’ attention as you explore new and innovative ways to engage the children to learn. Preschool teachers’ instructional skills should be clear so that difficult concepts are communicated to the children using methods that are easy to understand.

You comfort children whenever required and encourage them with hugs and expressions. It is a preschool teacher’s responsibility to discuss issues with parents. You identify problems and discuss with professionals whenever necessary. Preschool teachers provide nutritious lunches and snacks to the children and are familiar with emergency protocol and procedures. This position requires at least licensing and certificate in education. Some states require preschool teachers to have a bachelor’s degree.