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Preparole-Counseling Aide

Provides individual and group guidance to inmates of correctional facility.

What does a Preparole-Counseling Aide do?

Provides individual and group guidance to inmates of correctional facility, who are eligible for parole, and assists in developing vocational and educational plans in preparing inmates for reentry into community life: Conducts inmate orientation sessions to explain programs and resources available to inmates and to induce inmates to join programs. Interviews inmates to record data on individual problems, needs, interests, and attitude. Holds individual and group counseling sessions to discuss programs available that affect inmate’s reentry into community life, such as housing and financial aid, veteran’s benefits, work release programs, vocational rehabilitation, and job search assistance. Prepares and maintains case folder for each inmate and discusses findings with supervisor to obtain assistance in establishing goals and plan of action for inmates. Conducts followup interview to ascertain inmate progress. Prepares correspondence and applications for medicare, medicaid, veteran benefits, food stamps, and housing. Telephones and corresponds with persons and agencies outside facility to ensure that family and business matters are attended to. Meets with family members at facility to discuss and resolve problems prior to release of inmate. Develops and prepares informational packets for inmate, listing outside agencies and programs that could assist ex-offender upon release.