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Preparation Department Supervisor

Supervise workers preparing warps and filling yarns for weaving.

What does a Preparation Department Supervisor do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in preparation of warp and filling yarn for weaving: Analyzes production schedule to determine size, type, texture, and quantity of yarn required to meet production demands. Prepares order sheets, warp pattern sheets, and formula sheets and issues them to MATERIAL HANDLER, to workers tending warping-machines, to CREELER, and to CHEMICAL MIXER. Schedules changes in machine setups to meet requirements of production schedule, informing workers tending slashers, quilling-machines, and warping-machines of type, size, color, quantity, and number of yarn ends to be wound on quills or loom beams. Examines creel setup of warping machines to detect errors in number of yarn ends and arrangement of yarn in creel, and instructs CREELER to alter setup to correspond with warp pattern sheet. Examines yarn on bobbins, quills, or beams to ensure conformance to standards. Trains workers in operation of machines and evaluates work performance. May be designated according to specific process supervised as Supervisor, Drawing-In Department; Supervisor, Slashing Department; Supervisor, Warping Department. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.