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Preforms Laminator

Lay up resin-coated fabrics on plaster, steel, or wooden forms.

What does a Preforms Laminator do?

Lays up fiberglass and resin-coated fabrics on plaster, steel, or wooden forms to mold plastic parts for products, such as boats, sporting equipment, automobile bodies, and airplane seats: Cleans form with solvent and sprays it with parting agent, such as wax or soap. Cuts fabric to specified size, following pattern or template and using knife or scissors. Measures and mixes plastic resins, coloring agents, and catalyst as specified, using scales and portable mixer. Spreads compound on form, positions fabric on compound, and rubs fabric with squeegee to remove air bubbles. Applies additional layers of compound and fabric to build up specified number of laminations. Trims edges of laminated fabric, using scissors or knife. Allows part to cure and removes it from mold. May paint part, using spray gun. May drill and cut part, following template and using power drill and power saw. Sprays mixture of chopped fiberglass, resin, and catalyst on mold to form laminations, using spray gun. May tend machine that wraps resin impregnated fabric strips around mandrel to form plastic rods.