Preform Plate Maker

Construct templates for laying-out cutting lines on fiberglass materials.

What does a Preform Plate Maker do?

Constructs wooden or paper templates for laying-out cutting lines on fiberglass materials used in manufacturing plastic boats: Positions sheets of paper on sections of molds for hulls, decks, or other parts of boat. Fits paper over contours and into corners of molds and marks outline with chalk. Removes paper from molds and cuts pattern, using scissors. Marks pattern with identifying data. Positions paper pattern on strips of wood and scribes outline of pattern on strips. Cuts wood strip according to markings, using power handsaw. Assembles strips to form template, using screws, nails, and braces. Positions template or pattern on fiberglass material and outlines pattern with chalk or crayon. Cuts material, following outline and using power cutter. Inspects rolls of materials received and stores them on shelves.